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3 Ethical Makeup Brands

What we're loving by Thaiol Manrique


Photo by Jhong Pascua from Pexels


Have you ever stopped and wondered what is in the makeup you are putting on your face? If you are like me, or Kourtney Kardashian, the last few years have opened your eyes to some of the dangerous toxins that can be in our cosmetics. To avoid any unsafe side effects, many, including myself, have switched to using plant-based products. Vegan cosmetics are quickly gaining popularity, as vegans take much pride in consuming plant-based products and abstaining from products that have been derived from animals—beyond what is just in their dietary practices.

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Like me, many try to embrace these consumption behaviors and philosophies in areas such as their fashion choices. We avoid apparel that is derived from animal products such as leather, fur, and wolf. I also like to encourage people to embrace a vegan lifestyle, not just in the things they eat but also in the products they use. I wrote this blog to provide those that might be keen on making the transition with the important benefits of adding vegan beauty products as a part of their healthy and sustainable consumption patterns.

There is a multitude of reasons why even nonvegans should switch to using vegan beauty products. First, using vegan cosmetic products allows consumers to avoid using beauty products with questionable ingredients. Conventional cosmetic producers have found unique ways to include undesirable ingredients derived from animals into their everyday beauty products. Vegan cosmetic producers have found a way to address this problem without losing that cute aesthetic we all love, and most importantly the effectiveness of our favorite makeup essentials.

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Not only will you be able to look your best using vegan cosmetic products, but also feel your best. Vegan cosmetics are not only lifesavers for your face but also lifesavers for thousands of animals every year. Current vegan cosmetic brands on the market do not support the quality of animal testing, which makes this brand the perfect one to use for those who believe that this level of cruelty is both senseless and antiquated. Another important reason why everyone should consider transitioning to vegan cosmetic products is that human bodies are better equipped to process natural ingredients. Other forms of beauty products are conventionally laced with a lot of synthetic chemical additives, while vegan beauty products often carry natural plant-sourced ingredients that your body can process efficiently. These beauty products are also more nutritious and often use more environmentally sustainable or biodegradable packaging, and they can be engineered to better treat sensitive skin issues that affect any part of the body. Also, those that like to promote sustainable production and consumption can transition to vegan cosmetic products without making significant changes in terms of their overall expenditure on beauty aids.


Conventionally, vegan cosmetic products have been associated with several negative and untrue stereotypes; they are crunchy and smell like mint, for instance. While others assume that they are boring and unnecessarily expensive or even characterized by a plethora of synthetic additives. With the level of technological advancements currently being incorporated into the development of these vegan beauty cosmetics, one can confidently declare these stereotypes to be untrue. Although, for the sake of honesty, some vegan cosmetic products do smell like patchouli. Over the years, the vegan cosmetic industry has significantly improved to offer the quality of products that should make cosmetic consumers all over the world proud—cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals and which are not contaminated through the use of unnecessary synthetic chemicals. The following vegan beauty brands are a living testament to the power of vegan brand development when it comes to creating and promoting healthy and sustainable goods that are not based on rearing animals in cages or slaughtering them to satisfy human needs. They are the best that the vegan cosmetic industry has to offer.

ELF Cosmetics

This vegan cosmetic brand is impressive, not just in terms of its large and diverse line of purely vegan cosmetic products that it provides, but also in terms of the ease of access for those that want to purchase the brand’s products. The company provides a diverse collection of skincare, face, lips, and eyes cosmetic products that are based on key ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Peptides, Hemp Seed Oil, Hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients that are extracted directly from plants. These purely vegan cosmetic products are not only affordable but are also designed to cater to the cosmetic needs of people with various conditions including skin dryness, aging, and sensitivity issues. This is the best vegan beauty brand—second to our own—for those that want high-quality products that don’t make a major dent in their budgets.

Kat Von D Beauty

The most popular selling point for this vegan cosmetic brand is that its products are 100% vegan, and that, not only does the company abhor the practice of testing cosmetic products on animals, but the revenue generated from its sales is partially invested into animal activism activity championed by its founder. Although this cosmetic brand might be considered a little pricey and luxurious, its products are available in many beauty stores across the United States including Sephora. These products have been reported to have high performance in satisfying the beauty needs they were intended to for, although most of them incline to be hyper-pigmented and bold—which is an important factor to consider for those that are planning on buying the brand’s products. Some of the more popular lines of products from the company include its Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, Tattoo Liner, and Super Brow Extreme Long-Wear Pomade.

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Aether Beauty

This is inarguably a luxury cosmetic brand, but not only is its products very high quality but it is as sustainable as a cosmetic brand can get. The makeup products from the company are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, not to mention that these products are produced through the use of fair-trade, organic, clean, and ethically sourced plant products. The company also monitors its larger supply chain to make sure that any ingredient used in the production of its cosmetic products is not produced using forced or child labor. This brand has also invested significantly in the production of biodegradable packaging for some of its wide range of vegan cosmetic products. The company's products can be found on Sephora, and these products are on the higher side of the price spectrum. Some of the most popular products from the brand include the mini crystal eyeshadow palette, desert illuminating face and body oil, as well as the supernova crushed diamond highlighter.

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