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Coffee Date Makeup

Simple Makeup Looks to Wear on Your Next Coffee Date by Haleigh Couture


Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels


Simple, casual, and sweet is the vibe you should be going for when it comes to having a local coffee shop date. It doesn’t matter if you are a glammed-up goddess on the daily or merely a plain jane, less is more in this situation. But how do we portray a simple look, while still exuding a strong, beautiful demeanor? Here are some quick makeup/style tips to help prep you for your next coffee house date.

DON’T OVERDO YOUR MAKEUP: Simple is best. Don’t go heavy on the eyes or the lips. If you adore eyeshadow, then by all means use it. But be sure to apply a neutral or light matte which should coordinate with your outfit just fine. By choosing a soft, neutral color, you are almost guaranteed to have your eyes match your outfit. Don’t go crazy on the eyeliner. You don’t need to draw a sexy cat eye—save that for another date. Intensifying your eyelashes by applying your favorite mascara is never a bad thing. If you want to keep it simple, only applying mascara to the top lashes can give a soft, alluring look to your eyes. Curling them is also helpful to achieve this look.

As for your lips, absolutely no shades of red. We want you to come off as strong, but also sweet and not overbearing for your first impression. Often a bold red lip gives off a very intense, overbearingness and is too sensual for a first date especially at a coffee shop. A simple neutral or nude lip gloss is always a safe option or even just a plain Chapstick. Keeping those lips soft and moisturized is an attractive look.

For coffee date makeup keep light on the blush—it is nice to have a hint of rosy cheeks, but don’t over-apply. With this facial look, we want your complexion to radiate softness, femininity, and unique beauty. Show your date who you are but don’t hide your authentic beauty with too much glam.

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TEETH: Nothing breaks a connection like having bad breath. Ladies, make sure to brush and even floss before meeting up with your date. No one likes to converse with someone who doesn’t care about their dental hygiene. Be sure to bring some chewing gum or some sort of mouth freshener. Even if a first kiss is out of the question, you should always take pride in how you present yourself and be ready when the moment arrives.

STYLE: Always be you, but dress appropriately for the situation. Wearing high pumps and a pencil skirt is not the best option for such a casual location. The coffee shop vibe is just that, it is casual, so be that. Depending on the weather, you want to dress comfortably. A good rule of thumb, wearing layers or bringing a jacket if you get cold is wise. You don’t want to be in a situation where you find yourself confined in a jumper or jacket if you start to get nervous and hot. Being able to put on or take off an article of clothing is the best way to ensure comfort. Jeans and a simple t-shirt with your hair in curls or done attractively is an appropriate look.

The nice thing about coffee dates is that the environment is naturally casual. As far as accessories, wear your favorite necklace, or dangly earrings. You don’t need to wear diamonds and pearls. Again, if you are someone who adores getting all glammed, save it for the next date. You can even mention to your date how much you appreciate getting dolled up for a night on the town. He will be intrigued by your versatility—a girl who can look attractive in any setting.

COMFORT: A genuine guy, doesn’t want to see that his date is uncomfortable. Make sure that your style accommodates your comfort. Your date will be able to sense if you are truly wanting to be there. Also, carrying a small clutch with a color that fits your casual look will look appropriate.

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CONFIDENCE: Makeup and clothing is not the only thing you will be wearing on your date—don’t forget to bring your confidence.

Showing your worth and presenting exactly who you are is either going to make him extremely attracted to you or you will find out quickly the kind of guy you’re dealing with. A man doesn’t run from a confident woman. If you are the shy type, it's alright to tell your date that you are a little nervous. Being honest is never a bad thing. Avoid coming off as cocky; that is not an attractive look and will quickly be seen as a negative. Bringing your true sense of self and good vibes is the best way to ensure the possibility of another date.

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