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How to Make Your Foundation Darker Without Bronzer

by Anne Richards


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Many of us love makeup! Hence why it is such a lucrative industry, but makeup can be tricky to apply sometimes and so thank goodness for makeup bloggers, YouTubers, and much more who take their time to guide us on the journey of enhancing our beauty with various types of cosmetics. Today we’re going to cover the topic of, how to make your foundation darker without bronzer. This may come as a no-brainer, but to be quite honest it can be a bit intricate depending on your overall skincare regime.

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So, first, what is makeup, and does it truly have a purpose?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is a protective shell that needs to be breathe and be nurtured to flourish. Makeup or cosmetics are constituted mixtures of chemical compounds derived from either natural sources or synthetically created ones. Consumers need to check the label on their makeup to ensure there are no harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients found in them. While the purpose of makeup is to enhance our natural beauty, it may come as no surprise that wearing it can cause more damage to our skin. One in three women will not leave home without wearing some form of makeup – whether it be foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc. and more than 60% of women wear more makeup than necessary.

Choosing Makeup can be a headache since the choices are almost endless, so when choosing a foundation you want to first and foremost look at the ingredients list. Not all professional makeup is equal, so selection should be chosen wisely. Makeup that is clean with simple ingredients should be used on the skin. Even if you’re looking to get a darker look it all starts with your actual skin before the makeup is even applied. Additionally, makeup that is light in reference to feeling—not color—and long-lasting will allow the skin to breathe.

Many changes can cause us to want a darker foundation, from season changes to simply wanting a new look without the use of a tan. Well, here are a few ways to accomplish this, but remember, everything starts with what is under the makeup first—your skin.

  • Blend of layer your foundation with loose face powder

  • Blend with another darker foundation

  • Blend with a concealer

  • Blend with turmeric

  • Invest in a foundation adjuster

  • Add blush

  • Mix with concealer

We understand the cost of cosmetics can most definitely add up and while it is not good to use foundation for too long, it is a good idea to save your lighter foundation for the colder seasons when your complexion will be light enough for it to work.

Another solution if your foundation is too light, you can simply to opt to use it as a highlighter for the time being. There is no rule on what makeup is intended for and thus you can always improvise as a means of getting your money’s worth. A foundation that is too light can make for an excellent highlighter—apply to your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin for a bold contoured look.

Lastly, you can add tinted moisturizer to your foundation to help give it a bit more of a darker shade. Simply blend the light foundation with some tinted moisturizer, the moisturizer will instantly darken the foundation that will suit your skin type. And as an added plus, since you will be using a moisturizer, it will ensure that your skin stays soft and supple and retains its glow.

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